Published: EuSocialCit Policy Brief


EuSocialCit Policy Brief Strenghtening European Social Rights and Social Citizenship

EuSocialCit consortium has published a Policy Brief that highlights the main findings of the project and presents recommendations for how to facilitate further development of Social Europe.

Based on the research of the EuSocialCit Horizon2020 project, in this policy brief we want to outline three sets of policy recommendations, aimed at strengthening the social rights of EU citizens. The recommendations concern (1) social inclusion and minimum income protection; (2) better access to social rights; and (3) the strengthening of social governance. The policy brief is directed towards policymakers, stakeholders and politicians at the EU level (European Commission, European Parliament, unions, employers, NGOs, etc.) as well as national Ministries, parliaments, unions employers, NGOs, etc. that are interested in and want to influence European social rights.