EuSocialCit produces new data and analyses, resulting in a total of 29 working papers, policy briefs and scientific reports. All its output is made publicly available.

Published: our working paper on the potential of the work-life balance directive (WLBD) to support a shift to gender equalization

Working Paper Strengthening European social rights via the work-life balance directive? Under the research direction of CBS EUsocialcit professor Caroline de la Porte, a team of...

Published: our working paper on employment-related social citizenship and its resource-based underpinnings

Working Paper Employment-related Social Citizenship and Its Resource-based Underpinnings: An Assessment of Country-year Data EuSocialCit researcher Brian Burgoon has published a working paper entitled Employment-related Social...

Published: our working paper on childcare services

Working paper Empowering children: childcare services in a rights-based comparative perspective. EuSocialCit researchers - Leonie Westhoff (CEPS), Francesco Corti (CEPS, UNIMI), Izabela Grabowska (SGH), Cinzia...

Anticipated papers, reports and policy briefs

Over the course of its four year lifespan, EuSocialCit will deliver the following chronologically listed output:

Working paper on quantitative clustering of fairness in working conditions in Europe

Due date: 31 July 2022

Working paper on work-life balance across the EU: achievements, shortcomings and policy options

Due date: 30 September 2022

Working paper on assessing social vulnerabilities from a demographic and life-course

Due date: 31 July 2022

Working Paper: How can reference budgets contribute to the construction of social indicators to assess the affordability of necessary goods and services and the adequacy of minimum incomes?

Due date: 31 January 2023

National reports on governance of social investment and empowerment for a selection of EU countries

Due date: 31 July 2022