EuSocialCit policy symposium


EuSocialCit policy symposium The Future of European Social Rights

On June 21, 2023, EuSocialCit partner – CEPS – had the pleasure of hosting the EuSocialCit policy symposium. It was an incredible opportunity to engage in an excellent discussion with influential policymakers, thought leaders, and experts.

Throughout the event, we delved into various aspects of European social policy, here are three main takeaways (among many others!):

• The European pillar of social right is the compass guiding EU social policy, and it must continue to hold that position. although over 130 policy measures have already been implemented, there is still much work to be done to ensure the realization of the pillar’s principles.

• Merely having social rights in place is not enough; they need to be accessible and accessed. The take-up of social rights often falls short, especially among the less educated and vulnerable groups. It is imperative to invest efforts into properly measuring take-up rates and gaining understanding of the barriers that hinder their accessibility.

• As the EU economic governance undergoes reform, there seems to be a case for integrating social indicators into its framework and intertwine social considerations with economic policies.  This deserves more thinking and more debate that we are determined to carry forward.

A special thanks to @CEPS and all the participants for making this event a success!