Upcoming Event: Seminar ‘Going Forward Or Backward? Perspectives on an European Social Citizenship’


EuSocialCit Seminar Going Forward or Backward? Perspectives on an European Social Citizenship


The war against Ukraine deeply concerns Europe in its political, economic and social dimensions. Its far-reaching effects such as additional economic burdens, challenges within the social security net and increasing insecurities enter our everyday life and are an increasing matter of public debate and policy. Being confronted with the violation of international law in the EU’s neighbourhood also raises questions of European solidarity and identity.

To address those issues, University of Konstanz in cooperation with the WSI of the Hans Böckler Foundation  organize a seminar ‘Going Forward or Backward? Perspectives on an European Social Citizenship’. During the seminar, the (evolving) role of a social Europe will be discussed. Achieving progress, social justice, social security and prosperity throughout European societies implies to strengthen the social dimension of and within the EU. However, we see enormous social and institutional differences among member states as well as varying conditions of granted social rights. The seminar takes up insights onto conditions and views onto the development of a commonly shared European social citizenship: Do we observe a new (strong) emphasize on a common social Europe – and which indicators mark progress on a the way towards a more social and equal Europe? How are overarching social rights experienced, and perceived as necessary for the future by citizen throughout EU member states? And what effects do experiences of a misleading integration in a social Europe have on attitudes towards social cohesion, integration and democracy?

The seminar in a from of hybrid event will take place in Dusseldorf, on 23 November, 2022. More information and a link to register can be found here.