EuSocialCit Seminar Series: ‘Going Forward Or Backward? Perspectives on an European Social Citizenship’


EuSocialCit Seminar Going Forward or Backward? Perspectives on an European Social Citizenship


What is the future of Social Europe? And what are the implications of the Ukraine war for it? These and related questions were discussed at a public dissemination event of EUSOCIALCIT held on 23rd of November 2023, at the WSI in Düsseldorf. During the seminar, prepared in collaboration with the EUSOCIALCIT team from the University of Konstanz, Frank Vandenbroucke gave an inspiring keynote on the future of European social citizenship in times of crisis, already indicating what kind of priorities the Belgian EU presidency might pursue when it assumes office. This was followed by a detailed presentation from Gianna Maria Eick on the core findings of EUSOCIALCIT on the role of public opinion in shaping EU social policy, including, for the first time, the presentation of results from the focus groups done in four partner institutions of the project over the course of 2022. Laszlo Andor provided an important perspective from the policy side. In the afternoon, presentations on ongoing research projects from Bart Meuleman (KU Leuven) and Andreas Hövermann (WSI), moderated by Elizabeth Kuiper (European Policy Center). To finish the day, Marius Busemeyer from EUSOCIALCIT discussed with Daniel Seikel (WSI) and Dominika Biegon (DGB) about the broader implications of the day’s presentations.

More information and links to presentations can be found here.