EuSocialCit Summer School in Amsterdam


EuSocialCit Summer School What Future for Social Europe?

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Between 6th and 9Th June 2023, the University of Amsterdam organized the EuSocialCit Summer School: What Future for Social Europe? A group of very talented and motivated master students, PhDs, and post-doctoral researchers, with different disciplinary backgrounds (labour law, labour economics and social science), gathered to discuss the most topical issues related to the process of EU social integration. Key experts in the domain of European labour law, European social policies, and European economic governance offered an up-to-date account of the latest developments regarding social rights, labour market inequalities, and EU social policies. More than 20 speakers, including university professors, high-level officials of European organisations and international institutions, and think tank researchers took the floor during the school when participating in several panel sections and one book presentation. The doctoral and post-doctoral researchers had the opportunity to actively engage in the debate with the speakers and also to present the results of their own research and receive detailed feedback and comments from discussants. In the words of the participants posted on social media: “It was an immense pleasure to be involved in the EuSocialCit Summer School.”, “The summer school offered priceless insights into the latest developments in EU social policies.”, “It was an immense gratifying experience to share my findings with such a passionate audience and to contribute to the discussion on enhancing social dialogue in the EU.”, “Definitely it was a fantastic week in Amsterdam where we have obtained insights on current social Europe topics.”

The organising team of the summer school: Nuria Ramos Martin, Maarten Keune, Dorota Lepianka and Brian Burgoon wants to heartily thank all the participants and speakers for their contributions to the success of this event. We learned a lot about the social dimension of the EU integration process, shared various views from different disciplines, engaged in the debates and enjoyed the experience!

To see the programme of the Milan Winter School, please click: Amsterdam Summer School_Programme_FINAL.